Instructions for cleaning wool products.

Chemical wash is recommended. For light dirt - also dry cleaning. Dilute detergent powder for wool with lanolin in a little water t. 30 ° C and bring to a foam. Then, dipping into the foam, rub the contaminated surface with a soft sponge until the dirt is removed. If heavily soiled, a wet wash is also permissible. Hand wash in water in detergents containing lanolin intended for wool Wash at t. 30 ° C crumpling, do not twist, hang up wet. Wait until the product is completely dry. Do not iron. The appearance of the fur layer may change in the direction of the curls. It is also allowed to wash in drum washing machines in detergents intended for wool, with the addition of lanolin. Wash with a program suitable for wool. Pump out water. Do not use a centrifuge. Hang up wet. Wait for complete drying. Do not iron. Wool product may roll off during use.