Using a 3D camel plaid...

For more than half a year we have been using a 3D camel plaid, whose wool is not only on the top, but also on the underside. Very satisfied!

The plaid is warmer because it has more wool. In our house, the heating has not yet been turned on, but it is very warm to sleep under this plaid. The plaid does not lose wool at all - there is not a single pellet of wool on the floor! Looks great. We sleep without a duvet cover, 2-3 times a week I shake the plaid out of the window and it remains clean.

This year we had an unusually warm summer, and only on the hottest nights we covered ourselves not with a woolen blanket, but with a cotton sheet. For such a hot summer, of course, more suitable thinner plaid.

Thus, the 3D plaid allows you to use it even in the off-season with the heating turned off, when the temperature in modern apartments is the coldest, as well as in the warm season, except for the hottest period. It is of excellent quality, does not lose wool and retains a beautiful appearance!

In our stores in Tallinn (in Mustika and Idakeskus) there are 3D plaids made of camel, alpaca-llama and cashmere. Available size 150x200. These, as well as other sizes (two-bedroom) can be ordered in our online store

P.S. However, many have a really cool living space. Also, private homeowners often save on heating, partially or completely turning it off at night. The temperature in the house can drop significantly. In this case, I will recommend a double-layer blanket, under which you absolutely will not notice the outside temperature and will enjoy comfortable warmth all night. At the same time, the blanket is well ventilated, does not allow overheating and sweating. The most comfortable temperature and microclimate will remain in your bed all night long, which will allow you to sleep well and relax.