Plaid. Cashmere Diamond 3D

NEW!  A natural single-layer double-sided plaid of 100% cashmere wool. Thanks to a special manufacturing technique, the wool is located on both the outer and inner side of the rug. Contains 700 grams of wool per square meter, in contrast to the traditional plaid, which has wool only on the outside and has 550 grams of wool per square m.

The wool of the plaid is very soft, dense and pleasant to the touch. Characterized by high strength and durability. Due to its gentle delicacy, it is ideal even for very young children or babies.

We have a size150x200 available in our store in Idakeskus (Tallinn), you can also order this size with standard delivery 2-4 workdays.

From our abroad stock (delivery time 2-3 weeks)
Size and price: