Mattress topper. Camel hair.

The top is made of 100% camel hair. The underside is made of genuine flannel. In the corners there are elastics to fasten it on the mattress. The filler is a neutral to the body, artificial fiber, which easy controls the air infiltration and evaporation, dries quickly after getting wet (washing).

Natural brown colors. It has anti-allergic  characteristics. For year-round use. It maintains optimum body temperature in winter and summer. It protects both from  cold and overheating at high temperatures.

It provides optimal ventilation and optimally conducive to the body temperature, protecting it from overheating and overcooling and  taking away the body evaporation . It has a valuable property -  to block harmful radiation and magnetic fields coming both from the earth and from the bed itself (for example, from foam).

Size 220x200 from our abroad stock (delivery time 2-3 weeks).

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